Raising Awareness

Social media engagement to an active community to convert them to donators. Our target is to reach 5 000 followers on Instagram, 1000 on Twitter and 1000 likes on Facebook by August 2020. We will need support from influencers, prominent public figures and companies.


Throughout the campaign we will host a series of educational webinars and online discussions on Gender Based Violence, the permeance of rape culture in South Africa and the need to support and protect women.  With the help of subject matter experts, we aim to educate boys and girls on the impact of GBV and instil a sense of responsibility to being part of the solutions.

The aim of the webinar:

Throughout this campaign, we host a weekly series of webinars for teenagers above the age of 16. Beyond giving back to the community, we find it vital to have discussions around Gender-Based Violence, the permeance of rape culture in South Africa, and the need to support and protect women. our aim is to implement a structure that is easily accessible for everyone to participate in. Have a platform that is safe for everyone to voice their opinion whilst still being able to have fluid and productive conversation. Reach out and educate as many young people as possible on these pressing topics Teach men the importance of boundaries and change the way they perceive women. Develop a stronger community that is consistent in calling out inappropriate behavior amongst peers. Education is thus, the driving force of 1000 girls as it aims to raise awareness, promote discourse between boys and girls, and call people to take action.


A campaign to raise R250 000.00 for reusable sanitary and hygiene hampers for 1000 refugee girls in South Africa. This campaign is targeted at the most vulnerable in a world that has been adversely and widely affected by the covid-19 pandemic.